Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Sushi is a time to socialize, not to fill you up"

Last week while in Glendale we all went out to dinner which was kindof a big deal since me and brittney never get ready for the days and because we ate sushi mm mm mm.  In the end discovering I was the only one who wanted it, so i had to clear everyones plates (ugh hate when that happens!!)  Jon was teaching us all about Japanese food and their culture so of course Kara was saying how she didn't know we had a teacher at dinner with us.. he also said sushi is a time to socialize with others, and not so much to fill you up. but i disagree since I had to finish everyones sushi I left with a full belly :) If anyone wants to go to sushi soon, don't hesitate to invite me.
we're doing peace signs in the bottom right picture because we're about to eat sushi?
idk it just felt right.

before and after picture.
I was judged a lot this night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CoOoOoL hair charlcie.

i get home from school the other day and my sister kara just starts laughing and this is how our conversatsion goes...
kara- "what is wrong with your hair?!?"
me- "uhh its in a pony?"
kara-"you have lesbian hair"
me-"??....never knew lesbian hair existed but glad i conquered it"

this just shows how sweet kara is.. but this is exactly what my hair looked like..

it's fine that i go to hair school with my hair like this.. right?
moral of this post is i need fast and easy hair styles for the summer so if you have any in mind to help my poor self out please do comment and suggest them to me. thank you and goodnight.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday my mom, my Aunt Carrie, my cousins Melissa and Brittney and I decided to go hiking...
We probably picked the worst day to try to go out and enjoy nature since it was windy and freezing (the weather has been perfect out before yesterday..)
So we decided to go to "Flatiron" (suppose to be twice as difficult as Camelback.. never down Camelback but it sounded daring) which we never ended up finding, then once we found another trail we got lost trying to find the trail and were in a wash, me stepping in cactus', then when we got to the end we had lost where we started and had to guess which direction to walk to find it. It's safe to say we were lost 98% of this hike. hahaha this day was really fun though, from us piling rocks or knocking down others, to carrie pointing out funny shaped cactus's, to almost getting blown away, me secretly trying to litter (keeding i would never?), and just being able to laugh at everything going on around us. I love you girls, we'll have to go again soon.


this is why i love my mom, as she's creepin over the cactus. classic.

Monday, March 7, 2011

go fish.

what a cool title, right?!
me and sid decided to learn how to fishtail our hair on a fine saturday night. 
who goes out and does things anyway? am i right or am i right. (im done)

that maaaay or may not be all of sidneys hair in her mouth..
 you'll. never. know.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

annual cabin trip.

This past weekend I went to my cabin with family and muh gurls. 
This trip is always fun, we play tons of games, eat waaay too much food, play in the snow, snowboard, shoot guns, play badmitten, take billions of pictures, take glams, candy store, and just enjoy spending time in the quiet mountains.. this trip we did just that, and also a few other things which included:

-no use of any water, which meant no showers or toilets to use. made things interesting for sure.
-getting excited over patches of snow since there was no snow the first few days we were there.
-my mom quoting finding nemo, a lot a lot.
-staying up until 3am reading cosmo to the boys.
-waking up from naps and scaring ali and ourselves.
-lots and lots of gassy people.

picture overload, get excited?

the crew snowboarding at sunrise. 

my brothers.. ladies they're single and hilarious and gentlemen and know how to treat a woman.. have i sold them yet?? 

games alll night.

scarlett is learning to love me.

someone take these chips from us. right. now.


lollipop shop.


because who doesn't have a baby at the ski resort.. bwinneys hat is cool too..

artistic photo? and making fun of haleighs stance.

ah, being silly and such.

This trip was different than the past trips we've been on, I left this trip/weekend feeling humbled and very happy for the life I have and to have a true testimony. I am so grateful for my family and friends I'm blessed to have. They are always lifting me up and helping me to be a better person. i love you all, a lot.