Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I love the easter pageant I got to attend three times and the spirit I felt every single time. I love the weather around easter time, it's perfect outside. I love dyeing easter eggs with my family and having someone always spill the dye on someone else. I love our family annual easter hunts (who cares if were all in our twenties?!) I love eating a ginormous dinner with all my moms side at my grandparents house. I love the true meaning of easter and how christ suffered for our sins and we could all be saved and truly happy. 

ps scarlett is starting to love me, its an easter miracle!??

Monday, April 18, 2011


I only titled this allycat to try to give Ali an original nickname but that's not even how you spell her name so this is awk, yeah i say it, awk.. awk awk awk (just for you hali!) wow im annoying. and kidding. but Ali and Dayton are getting married and IM THE MOST EXCITED!! OUT OF EVERYONE, EVEN HALEIGH.  I have been there with them through the whole thing and I can honestly say I want a love like theirs, (whoa..) but really they just get each other and are always laughing and you can just see the love in their eyes.  They have always tried to help me through my dating and helping me find guys.. I swear I don't know how to date but this post isn't about me, back to them.. Ali just moved to Idaho and I hate it. I think it'll bring us closer though (yeah were in a relationship as well..) but she is one of my best friends and she always has advice to help me better myself, motivates me in so many ways, from staying healthy to keeping up on my scriptures and we just always are laughing together and being awkward because we don't know how to communicate with others most of the time.  Us girls (including Al) thought Ali'd be the last to get married for sure since she's the most independent and has a future and stuff but I have a feeling our order we had in mind is gonna be backwards... which is totally fine!!... but I know she is ready and this is just how things are meant to be because I've never seen her so happy in her life, it just makes me so happy for her! So yeah anyways I'm just very thankful for Ali and our friendship we have grown since high school, we've both changed so much and I think we both helped each other a lot.  I love you Ali you deserve the best and that's what you're getting, congratulations!! (target lady voice) :) 
see! look at how happy. ^

awh the happy couple i love.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I guess some people find hair school boring.

Every day at school I wonder is Brittney ever really here??
Luckily I have a few more friends at hair school or else I might be a tad bit lonely...
(don't be fooled that this is all in one day, her white jacket is just her fave)

Hopefully you all found joy in her snoozing pictures, as I do. they never get old... to me.