Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SOS please, someone help me..

Get motivated to get in shape and not eat bad... I'm going to use today as an example:

i ran a 4.5 mile mountain (you'd think i'd be motivated to get "summer skinny" right?) then came home and ate lasagna, french bread, salad and pizza.....??

so give me some advice so i can get motivated and look like this ....?

Friday, February 18, 2011

i got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine.

^i only titled this post that because that's on the radio right now, good song. Anyways I've been trying to figure out what to blog about and I was gonna blog about blog stalking cause thats what my lifes consisted of lately, but that's silly so I won't. So I decided to do one about how happy I am to be living with kara, jon and scarlett through out the week days when I'm in glendale.. They make me want to be married.. Sometimes. Haha jk they do.
Favorite things they do since I've lived with them:
-when jon shows scarlett a tour of the house multiple times.
-when kara gets mad at us for not pushing in our chairs.
-when kara puts cookies in the oven before dinner is done.
-watching american idol religiously, the best is when kara gets mad for how loud the commercials are so she makes jon mute it. Then tells me to ask dad for tivo.
-when kara tells us she'd have to try to look as bad as we do everyday for school.
-let me take bubble baths in their tub, and agree with me that its weird britt always tries to get in with me.
-how kara and jon make fun of me and britt for being stuck on facebook every evening (I need a night job).
-how we were debating if we put a canopy from me and britts ceiling..

there's many more but those are the few i remember from the week. i love them.
^loving scarletts (or should i say charlotte;) ) face in this lovely fam photo.

here's the happy family at scarletts baby blessing :) "he's got adult braces"

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Friday sidney, gabrielle and me decided to have a girls night and we went to Sauce which is by far one of my new favorite places. I've thought about going back there all day to eat.. even now at 11 on a saturday night.. not that im home alone doing nothing or anything... but friday was one of the best nights i've had in awhile! we went and ate and then went and saw Just Go With It, which was hilarious! and us girls just laughed the whole night, i. love. them.

weston is home..

   and i am happy. he makes me laugh just as much as he did before he left.

here is the airport pictures: he took30 minutes after his plane arrived to finally walk to us.. he was in the bathroom.. such a fulmer.

this last picture describes my family all too well. i've been blessed with an amazing family.

happy birthday, to me! no longer a teenager.

my birthday was monday and it was a full weekend of celebration thanks to my family and friends.
i felt loved. i love them for all that they do and making me feel special. (well except when i had to force my family to come to dinner with me on my birthday...)

friday night when all my friends surprised  me at nielsens:


lunch at rumbis:

as you wish: (because who doesnt go there on their 20th bday..?)

dessert: my dad went and got the cake since he was too coo for dinner and maybe he thought i was getting married? doesnt it look like a wedding cake? haha thank you dad.

i had a great birthday with great people i love. i cant believe im twenty, just saying im twenty out loud sounds so much mature than nineteen right?? can't wait to see what this year will bring me. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

living in glendale. well half of the week.

So I've officially been in Glendale and going to hair school in phoenix for a month now, and I'm loving it! Living with kara, jon, scarlett and brittney has been way fun and we already have so many memories and I can't believe we've already been here a month!

you can't tell from this picture but I burnt myself bad with the curling iron already.. StRuGgLiN

oh this is us just trying to get creative with our poses. (breanna, me, b-ritt, emily)
and we just learned corn rows lets just say i'm the girl in class that's obsessed with them..

here's one of my roomates scarlett.. who wouldn't want to live with her??

Oh! Also Brittney and I made dinner tonight, we're pretty proud of ourselves.. well we bought the rotisserie chicken (not cause we don't know how to cook just cause it's yummy...) then britt made some guacamole that we had with chips, then some broccoli, and also some other veggies. It was tasty, so we said we'd cook for kara and jon once a week! Oh and of course we had to have some sort of dessert.. so we bought the the toll house chocolate chip chunk cookies.. that we've also had the last three nights for dessert as well. I think we're gonna try and control this bad habit we've started, we'll see how that goes!