Thursday, January 20, 2011


am i kidding?? i even went and googled "excited" and this is what image popped up..

hahaha but really. i'm excited. my brother who is my bestest friend is coming home from serving his mission in Colombia. Yep, Elder Fulmer is coming home tomorrow :) Less than 24 hours now.. I can't even sleep I'm so excited (can i say excited one more time?) but also proud, anxious, hyper, nervous and just happy! I'm nervous of what to say.. I've even put together lists in my head of things I've accomplished over the two years so he doesn't think I'm a loser and so we won't have any awkward silent moments. I'm weird I know. (Everyone says if I could I'd marry him but that's not true.........)

can't wait to eat wings and texas roadhouse with him like old times :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011


so i started back up on running, pretty proud of myself. then i went and got one of these..
that's fine right? half way through eating it i looked up the nutrition facts and they're 600 calories.. then i finished it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

first day of beauty school.

well who knew i'd be so tired after eight hours of school. had the biggest headache by the time we got home. kara, brittney and i then went on a jog, took a power nap, ate some barros and watched some snl. i'd say a prettty good first day. even though it was the longest day of my life. hope everyone has a good week :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new years resolutions..

two of my main new year resolutions was to control my bad shopping habits and stop drinking soda. its the second day of the year and this is how strong i am.. (the jacket im wearing i bought yesterday...) "i'll start on monday" as i always say to my eating healthy plans and to working out (which never works) but for real im going to start my resolutions tomorrow..

*eat one fruit/vegetable a day.
*read my scriptures daily.
*control my shopping habits.
*be more decisive.
*be more active.
*keep up with this blog.
*don't be lazy and live off of cookies.. that sounds silly but it's a problem.

my resolutions sound kindof weak..maybe ill think of a few more after i handle these ones. what is everyone elses resolutions? (like i have followers...) let. it happen.