Friday, December 31, 2010

me and sidney purchased the lauren conrad style books today and couldn't be more excited! we've always been on the "team LC" from laguna beach and loved her on the hills so we're just supporting her through all her decisions in life ;) haha jk.. kindof.. but we really do love her tips and styles in this book! i mean look at us we're already doing her hair-do from the cover.. go get it, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

nannying days.

I've been a nanny for a little over two years and i quit both of my nanny jobs to go to hair school in glendale in january. I enjoyed my jobs but I think i did my share of childcare and am ready for change. It was bittersweet saying bye to the families i've been watching because you become really close to them all and i love them all! I learned so much while nannying about kids and families and know im not so anxious to have kids right away now. (well after i'm married of course..which im not in any hurry either..promise!)... anyways i learned i want to be more like kids in a way of how forgiving they can be right away and saying please/thank you/im sorry towards others. and giving people compliments! they were good at that. haha but i'm sure going to miss them all but im ready to move and for 2011 to be a new and exciting year!

me with jacob, benjamin and lydia at christmas time:
me, andrew, mickey and bear cuddling:
me and taylor hanging out:
logan loved my kisses, obviously:
im gonna miss laughing at this picture of taylor with logan:( haha got us everytime.

one thing i wont miss is cleaning up these messes though;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

wrapping up 2010..

Sooo i started this blog on thanksgiving and told myself since i stalk so many others that i should make my own incase i had fans.. (im probably talking to myself since im new with this but oh well.. or just my best friends it's fine.) but i know i will be happy if i blog more often since it'll be a little journal to keep forever, awh. I've really enjoyed this holiday season though with all the cookies, lights, gingerbread house making, holiday movies, ugly christmas sweater parties, bonfires, and dinners with friends. This season always make me more grateful for my amazing family, friends and the gospel in my life. I hope i can keep the desire to give and serve with me all year (that's gonna be one of my new years resolutions) but a lot has happened since thanksgiving like my sister nicki getting married to jayson and my sister kara and her husband jon having a baby girl Scarlett Renee Barnes-yay! i'm an aunt! i love it and i love her. then christmas came out of nowhere! so this season was busy but a good busy. next thing is i'm moving to glendale to start hair school!! yay finally going to be doing what i dream of :) i'm so indecisive i've been deciding if i should go to hair school since sophmore year... yeah you heard right, sophmore year of high school. so this is a big step for me and also my best friend/lover/other half/brother... is coming home from serving a mission in colombia!! january 21st will be here out of nowhere :) welp here's some pictures of these few months. xo

bonfire at the compound:

jake and i at temple lights:
struggling making my ginger bread house..

ward christmas party:

me and my beautiful niece scarlett on christmas :)