Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don't smell like Santa.

^ Name that movie?

"Live in all things outside yourself by love, and you will have joy. That is the life of God; it ought to be our life. In him it is accomplished and perfect; but in all created things it is a lesson learned slowly and through difficulty."

I love love love inspiring quotes that make me want to better myself so I thought I'd share that one with all you guys (so many followers, such little time............)

Soo it's very cold out these days and I find myself always in need of a dang snuggle buddy.. and my back always hurts so someone to massage my back would be nice to have around as well, I'd even be willing to pay someone to massage it. Seriously. But I'm not willing to pay someone to snuggle, that'd just be needy... or would it? I need to stop. This is probably why I haven't blogged in so long because my life is just too exciting for the internet.

That is all for now.


  1. paying someone to cuddle could in some ways be considered prostitution. welcome back to blogging.

  2. did i see this four mins after you posted it. yaaaaaa.. glad haleigh commented first so i dont feel so weird. love you ...again welcome back