Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I love the easter pageant I got to attend three times and the spirit I felt every single time. I love the weather around easter time, it's perfect outside. I love dyeing easter eggs with my family and having someone always spill the dye on someone else. I love our family annual easter hunts (who cares if were all in our twenties?!) I love eating a ginormous dinner with all my moms side at my grandparents house. I love the true meaning of easter and how christ suffered for our sins and we could all be saved and truly happy. 

ps scarlett is starting to love me, its an easter miracle!??


  1. well you and britt look hawt. scarlett is such a joke, so freakin cute!. if my kid doesnt look like that they're going back in....

  2. rude no pic of me or dad or jon or jayson :(

  3. love the spilled dye pic. ha and of course scarlett as cute as ever!